Polished concrete

Floors & walls

Ideal for creating a continuous, join-free surface with a sleek, organic feel, treated for water and stain resistance.

Baths & showers

Even in the bathroom, you will love the durability and feel of our polished concrete finishes. Our teams are here to advise you.


Our polished concrete is also a great choice for kitchen units, flooring & walls, the durable finish allowing easy cleaning of dirt and grease. When used in this way, polished concrete can give your kitchen layout a sleek and very on-trend look and feel.


All of the benefits we see in other applications are also true for staircases. Covering all surfaces of the staircase (treads, risers, stringers and soffits) will create a suspended monobloc effect and a light and airy feel. If required, an anti-slip treatment can be applied.


We can also provide all types of furniture with coatings to complement your space.


Just one of the finishes we offer for our fireplaces, our polished concrete provides endless possibilities for that finishing touch.

Polished concrete

Our polished concrete is coloured in batches and available in a number of colours. It is used primarily indoors. A two-stage application provides a durable end product. The amount of resin added to the mix improves its mechanical strength.