Micheli SA - stove

Types of fireplace

Single-sided fireplace

A single glass panel at the front creates a simple and pleasing design for your living space. A fireplace as a focal point, creating a warm glow.

Two-sided fireplace

The two sides, open to the left or right, provide more viewing angles and give you more options for arranging your space. Extremely easy to use, providing effective additional heating, as with all our models.

3 & Four-sided fireplaces

For open or closed fires, creating a see-through appearance and an almost entirely panoramic view of the fire. The glass is easy to handle and emissions are below average.

Tunnel fireplace

Our beautiful fireplaces with a hearth visible from both sides, dividing your space and allowing you more freedom. For sheer elegance, the ceramic surface provides a pure, frameless design.

Circular & suspended fireplaces

Creating a panoramic view of the fire within your space, providing between 180 and 360 degrees of visibility.

Stoves & barbecues

Whether it’s one of our ready-to-use stoves or a bespoke external barbecue, you can gather around a fabulous fire for convivial warmth or for creating culinary delights at any time of year. We can meet all of your needs.

Antique & rustic

Our antique and period style fireplaces, with bespoke stonework, can bring a feeling of history to your interior space.

Our fireplaces

Choose your fireplace from our range of designs, for your indoor or outdoor space. Made to measure in accordance with your needs, we will work together to find the ideal solutions for you.

A plethora of finishes – such as stone, marble, granite, polished concrete, wood, steel, special coatings and other paints – are available to you so that we can achieve the perfection you seek.

All work will be carried out in accordance with European environmental and energy regulations.